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for the long-term production of milk, which is processed for the eventual sale of a dairy product. The dairy industries in various tropical countries do not produce enough milk for the countries to be self-sufficient in raw milk. Many such countries have government-supported programs to raise domestic milk production. The average herd sizes of these farms are often less than ten milking cows and the poorly resourced farmers have great difficulty providing sufficient feed for their dairy stock. Other constraints to production include adverse weather conditions, the many diseases, and the farmers’ poor understanding of the high management requirements of dairy stock. The milk yield of tropical, dairy farms can be increased by improving feeding and further management practices


business has been an age-old business in India passed down from generation to generation. During the late 20th century, this practice saw a decline. The contribution made by Amul in the form of the ‘White Revolution’ played the main role in transforming the dairy industry in India from its stagnation level to a world leader. Dairy farming in India is an ‘all season’ big business. Efficient management of a dairy farm is the key to achievement. In India, cow and