Pandurang Krushi – agri-supplementary industry

Considering the depressing and dire economic situation due to continuous barrenness, drought and the vagaries of nature, it is no longer time to rely on conventional agriculture alone. It is now imperative to turn to various agro-based industries and processing industries to provide financial stability to your family. 

  • Goat farming
  • Dairy farming
  • Dairy processing industry
  • Poultry
  • Pheasant rearing
  • Dal mill
  • Oil mill
  • Agro processing industry
  • Farm pond fishing
  • Spirulina / Ozola moss formation

These and many other agro-based industries that you can do in your own village, individually or collectively, for economic upliftment. Through our organization Pandurang Krishi, we have started an initiative to train you at the village level. We have taken a step forward. Now you too can go one step further than waiting for government help, bank loan or other help. Contact our organization through your sarpanch / gram sevak or people’s representative and book your village level training date today. Few dates left.

Contact: Pandurang Krishi, Plot No-74, Thakrenagar CIDCO N-2, Aurangabad. Phone- 9049984141, 9823543131

Goat Farming training

The goat is called ‘poor cow’ in India and is a very important ingredient for dry land farmers.

Goat rearing can be a lucrative venture for retail and small farmers with very little investment.

Dairy training

Milk cows and buffaloes should be selected for profitable dairying. Milk cows have special characteristics. Buy cows with those features. Similarly buffaloes should also be selected.

In terms of dairy business, a cow should give about 3600 liters of milk per week. If the buffalo gives 2500 liters of milk then the dairy business becomes profitable

Poultry training

Various infectious diseases are found in chickens. The main reason for this is the weakened immunity of birds. Chickens are vaccinated to prevent infectious diseases.

Fisheries training

Fishing can be done in freshwater as well as in brackish ground water. Before starting fish farming, you should evaluate the available natural resources and technology. There are different methods of fish farming. Choose fishing methods according to your ability.


In the rainy season, microbes grow very well in wet grass. Goats are more likely to get sick by eating such grass. During the monsoon, goats and goats should be taken care of. In higher rainfall areas, the shelf can be more steep. If the goats are infected with salivary disease, the middle part of the hoof can be affected if the goats go to the site. With this in mind, one should not neglect the health of the goats during the mating season. Crabs are more likely to suffer from external insects (eg, goochids) in the rainy season. So it is important to be careful not to infect the goats in the herd. Feed the pregnant goats for suction. Provide clean water. In the monsoon, the growth of the disease is more nutritious. Bowel disease is most common in rains. Because goats are hungry in summer and when green fodder arrives in monsoon, goats eat a lot of fodder. There is little space left in the stomach as the stomach is full. This causes the bacteria to grow and poison the atmosphere by releasing oxygen into the stomach. Goats are poisoned by the intestines and goats die and goats die.
The disease is more common in goats than goats and has a high mortality rate. In the evening, when the goats / goats are grazed, they feel dizzy and fall round and leave their feet dead. Not too feverish. Hepatitis is found in goats and kidneys due to prolonged but low levels of poisoning. There is no cure for this disease after symptoms or poisoning. If glucose is given in excess of glucose, goat / kid can read. The vet’s advice should be to take an antibiotic and a liver tonic.
Preventive measures: A vaccine is available on this disease. The veterinarian’s advice should be to take two vaccinations twice a year. Fresh grass, fodder etc. for goats and crabs Avoid excessive eating. The fodder should be slightly dried. Infectious pulmonary inflammation is most prevalent in regions where there is heavy rainfall, humid humid climate. Poor pasture management (eg, dirt, lack of safe drinking water, etc.) Goats are also immune to deficiency, lack of dietary intake, anemia as well as severe cold and high humidity and infectious lung infection to goats. It does not eat goat, becomes weak, has cough. Difficulty breathing. Water starts from the nose of the goat / kid at the beginning of the disease. Then it becomes thick and comes to the nose. Many goats, Crabs need to be covered. Goats and crabs are significantly more likely to die.
Preventive measures should be applied to protect heat from cold. Feeding goats, goats and sucking. Better management of goats, crabs. Depending on the age of the goats, the advice of the veterinarian should be done to disinfect the goats and the kidneys. Maintain the health of the flock with the help of a veterinarian at the right time. Deficiency management of climate change, other illnesses, travel stress, parasitic worms, outbreaks of parasites, wool, rain, cold etc. It is stressed that the germs of these diseases increase. It is a respiratory illness. Goats have a high fever. There is no focus on eating and drinking, stopping raving. Water can run through the nose, sounds from the throat to the throat, and difficulty breathing. If the disease is not treated promptly, the goat may be prone to stroke. When the above symptoms appear, the antibiotic should be used according to the veterinarian’s advice. Goats should be vaccinated before the monsoon.
It is a very deadly disease in goats. In this, the goat suddenly rotates round and falls to the ground. It kills and kills. Often the goat dies without showing any symptoms. After dying, the frozen blood flows through the nose, mouth, ears, rectum of the goat. Preventive measures can be vaccinated using “anthrax spore vaccine” in areas where the prevalence of the disease is high and frequently seen. Proof into the ground or burn it.

Considering the prevailing drought conditions, the victim appears to have been shocked by the noise. We have been reading the news of farmers committing suicide all over Marathwada and all over Maharashtra for the last 6 years due to the constant wave of nature and lack of water.
In such cases, agro-business like goat farming can protect the farmers from good economic income as well as at least in financial matters from the tide of nature. The goat is referred to as the cow of the poor, as it can easily be raised in the pastures of four large animals. Goat farming is such a traditional and familiar topic for all.
Any farmer or anyone who wants to start a successful goat farming business must have the following questions.
• Is it possible to observe exotic species such as African Boar, Sojat, Sanen, Zamnapari?
• Which goats should be taken?
• Where to get it?
• How to do cross breeding?
• How to choose a place?
• How about a shed?
• What should be the direction of construction?
• What and how much should be fodder?
• What fodder should be planted in drought conditions?
• What are the importance of hydroponics, poultry, ozola, spirulina?
• How and when to get lymphaticus?
• How to market your goats to get higher prices?
We should now look at this business as an industry. Proper breeding and disease-free care are important aspects of goat breeding. Professional planning can cost even millions of rupees. We assist the farmers and professionals in the project report, grant process, with proper guidance, because the emphasis is not on setting up the project but on running it successfully.
The Pandurang Agricultural Society has planned a training program on how to increase the income. The organization provides complete guidance for goat farming, poultry farming, spirulina farming, pulse mill, oil mill, NABARD, NHB, shed net, poly house, farm pond and more than 6 schemes for the farmers. Bank loan And all the details of government schemes are also given.
However, more and more people should avail goat rearing training and contact the office to get information on other schemes, Krishna Bhanuse said.

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